Leftists who understand my perspective might ask me, Are you an interferer in the election yourself? I ponder that and I’m not, there’s something that strikes me as.. evil about this. They planned this for at least a year, probably four years.

There are so many alarms that are sounded if I mention cyrillic. Dugin actually does have the best take on the present-day. If you look at it Straussianly, he would be Putin’s vice president equivalent, more likely, the Tsar of Russia, and Putin’s oily bankers don’t want to be called into question by a superior mind obviously.

We have here a Marxist question. And according to Marx it’s a Shekel problem too.

I’ve studied books, studied the internet all my life, and it does seem that it would be better for Dugin to be the Tsar of Russia, he could make that a happy place to live in.

When we think of that similar dynamic in the US, who would you say you have trust in here?

Most of the mainstream figures they propose I have serious questions about. zizek, chomsky, rawls, and this is just the surface, Valter Benyameen is actualy one of the ones I recognize if I had to choose a decrepit hebrew.

Trying to have a real talk with you people. You want white people to die, right? Is that the “Jewish way”? That is what it seems to be. 109 Was there a citation before this statement, I can’t tell. “Goyim deserve to suffer because we were misers who deserved to be pushed out of their countries over and over.” Jews deserve to be murdered, and all they can do is try to convince you that it’s whites who should be destroyed.” That will be the best moment in history when 100% of Jews are eliminated. “We aren’t scared of you” say the juze. You ban us because you have no response to our questions.

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