I love this recent suggestion by Moldbug

The ultimate dirty bomb. Do it. DO IT!

If they’re going to be so shady with the ballots and the censoring of people who question them, absolute regime transparency does seem like a smart idea, regardless of what chaos it will very likely cause. “And for my final act…”

Make Wikileaks look like a note passed between 4th graders, intercepted by the teacher and read aloud to the class.

He should do this whether or not he gets the courts to reverse the fudged election-results, really. Should’ve done it day one.

Delete InfoWars from the internet with impunity? How about we play some real info wars?

The NSA wants to spy on everything we do? How about we make public all classified information about the NSA? And why stop there? All classified information of the last century of presidents, all information locked up in the vault about the activity of the CIA and FBI and ETC over the decades. DROP IT! What are they going to do about it? If they’re willing to play dirty, well guess what. With Biden they want to return to “business as usual” – that won’t be so easy when Americans know all the darkness that has been going on in Washington and abroad in the 21st and 20th centuries – I showed you how one of Biden’s swamplings goes back to the freaking Carter administration. All this should be made available to the public. Oh, what’s that, you worry that that would threaten regime stability? No, not that, business as usual, just what every American wants from this government that we all love and adore.

Another suggestion from Moldbug

And while you’re at it, Mr. President, bring the troops home—not just from Syria and Afghanistan, also from Germany and Japan. Leave your successor with American boots only on American soil. China Joe could invade the world right back again. But will he? 

Absolute chaos.

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