Trump has the “nuke it from orbit” option

In general, the NSA filters millions of different conversations every day. How are the right ones screened out? First, by the “High priority list” phone numbers. In addition, the Agency’s computers automatically identify thousands of people – terrorists, politicians, diplomats – by their voice.  Finally, there is a constantly updated list of keywords, the use of which in a conversation attracts the attention of the “autocryptor”.

Imagine how much dirt they must have on Congress. If the courts don’t hold up, probably because many of the judges are bought and sold much like those of Mexico, I’m sure the NSA has gathered plenty of information on them too, which the public will be able to have access to.

If in January it looks like the left is going to pull off their stunt, all of the Senate can be bombed, all of the House, all of the courts, all of the covert agencies, including the NSA itself, anything and everything can be declassified by the Executive Power.

We can never truly know the real numbers here

Reread this post for a reminder of some general details about “our” intel services.

There isn’t only top secret classified information on the formal government

Remember that Transition Integrity Project (fuck you) harnessed academics too besides current and former “bipartisan” gubmint employees. I wonder what kind of information they have on CEOs as well? I’m sure there’s a file on many of the ones you can think of. And what would happen if the public had access to all of that?

I bet there’s even a “Biden file”, a “Harris file”

So much for those throw-away cell phones when they can detect your voice.

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