These russian posters are making me rofl

America is dying. Great civilization receives the last, euthanasia injection… what is now whispering in your head that “everything is not so bad” and that “America will return”

Putin is pleased: the US is no more. The light of Judeo-democracy has gone out “… “Putin is pleased with the massacre in the United States.” “The US has split into two countries. America is no more.

Everywhere I look on Yandex, there’s an awareness of the riggers.

This is so sad

And implicit in this is that I’m judging our own media to be something out of the third world if I’m relying on a foreign country’s. I’ve seen lots of them say (originally in cyrillic mind you) that the entire world perceives our democracy as a joke. I mean, it’s been like that for a while. Now it just has been made into an indisputable, international fact.

Yeah we’re living in a historical moment alright, not the kind you want to be living in though. There’s nothing noble about this.

At least we have a few clear faces of the ones responsible, hopefully the world will learn to mock them rather than the US in general

The title of this article is so accurate

You know how Asian-Americans and Latinos get offended sometimes when you ask them where they’re from? “I’m from America.” No, I mean where are you from? I just got the first personal sense of what that must like, imagining myself living abroad somewhere, not wanting to admit that I’m from America. “Yeah… I’m not like them though…”

What are they going to be thinking when biden-puppet intervenes in other countries?

The mechanism of electoral fraud by the Democrats is understandable – for it is primitive and arrogant. It was in those states in which Biden needed a victory that, after the completion of the vote, Democrats threw in the required number of ballots for their candidate. At the same time, Republican observers were even wiped away from the place of counting of votes, doing this often with Eastern European impudence: physically closing the windows with cardboard

Something else I realized was a symptom that we live in a nation of disgrace is how Bannon–don’t get me wrong, he had to do what he had to given the conditions–focused the october surprise on China and the CCP rather than the real enemy. That’s just what we have to do here. People are so controlled by the real enemy that we had to show connections between our second-worst threat. If everyone’s connections to ZOG were shown, there wouldn’t be anyone left in the country who was innocent, so it’s understandable.

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