Darkweb libraries – “these look interesting”

and then

So sick of this

You’ve gotta be kidding me

I just want a free library!

There must be some nerds who know how to get around all this.

So you need to be four things at once – a tech genius, probably a millionaire, and a book-lover who also wants to destroy the state-religion – must be someone like that out there?

Someone’s probably thinking, Yeah I know the exact hyperlink to send you, unfortunately I know you’re being watched.

I saw one report that there are sites that allow you to watch people being tortured and one can actually pay bitcoin to the torturer and they’ll torture them how you want them to. I just want some books okay?

5000 materials banned in Russia alone, who knows what’s out there. The US conceals what it conceals, and I can’t imagine that the UK et al are much different.

This was probably planted on Yandex for all we know

There are probably manifestoes on the level of Kaczynski and Heisman in pdfs somewhere that you need to be a veteran technerd to even be able to find. “Digital migrations”.

100% of anything you type into the search is probably controlled at this point. It’s easy to be naive about this and think it’s not.

This is from a 2019 article

Yeah right. What ever happened to Urbit anyway? Moldbug wouldn’t even care to read the books I’m interested in – he’s the type that might create something that would allow for such books to not be disappeared though. I’m thinking of all this in the Farabian sense by the way. I bet there are a couple books of his that wouldn’t have been burned if there had been a “Tor” back then. I bet those feds love to hear the celebrations in the streets, they can only expect total serenity with Trump gone. They only plan to make it evermore impossible to find the types of books I’m after.

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