It’s not even controversial to expect that it was once 5000x

By some estimates, the Web contains 500 times more content than is indexed by Google in search results.

You could say that there are two types of classified information. Both of them are a threat to national security. And who at this point in time would want what the status quo believe our nation to be, to be “secure”? A nation like ours which is in this condition can only be made secure through causing chaos to it, i.e. it’s in the interest of national security to threaten national security. That’s what “healing” means when Biden says it- healing of the intel agencies, healing of the lying media. Like I’ve said before, the revelation that UFOs visited earth is nothing next to the other kind of classified information that “we” keep. In fact, if I were to genuinely guess, if aliens visited here, one of the themes they’d enlighten us with would pertain to this other type of classified information.

Let’s just stick with classified CIA and executive power information strictly speaking for now though. I saw this suggestion on a .ru site and it seems a lot more people intuitively believed it prior to Russiagate

replacing the culture of agencies that feel they own information collected at the expense of taxpayers with a culture in which these agencies feel they are obligated … to return their investments to taxpayers by making this information available

They’ve been “found out” as they say, that’s part of what Trump represents, a war against the permanent government which is often covert and unknown. They’ve been trying to preserve themselves from being overthrown, because they know that if all of the information were declassified we’d have riots worse than BLM. Corrupt cops you say? I know some corrupt cops! They have the more royal label of feds. What do you think he meant by “the swamp”? That’s the real dirty cops who don’t respect the law, the real pigs. And they distracted half the country to focus on the working class cops and ma n pa shops, the corporation-colluding ones that they are. So I just want any lingering dems who read this to know that you yourself live in yet another country where the citizens are manipulated by the CIA in order to force a particular election result. That’s YOU. Might as well be a Bolivian or something. They own you, they control you, they don’t want you to know certain information about them, and they have even convinced you that the one who is trying to stop them is your enemy. Defund the covert agencies. That will follow naturally when all information is declassified for the public, perhaps the first moment of real democracy that all of the more than 100 countries of the globe will appreciate.

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