I’ll take Meaning of WW2 for $2000, Alex. You really can’t deal with the fact that there was something American about Nazism. I’m just a normal person who happens to interpret life, history, accepted-opinion a sort of way. Do I seem unamerican to you? We were all taught in the same kind of school pretty much. Thinking holding your hand to your heart for pledge of allegiance was going through the motions. It was, and there are ideas which I agree and disagree with about it, that seems like the main idea that drives it. I do like liberty. Is that not good? We have an entrenched bureaucracy that bans anyone who wonders that. Freedom of speech against norms that involve murdering Zuckerberg, Jack, and their funders, for instance. You challenge liberty and you are asking for murder. Does anyone have the liberty to do that? There’s a prize if someone kills both of them. “We will just replace them with other tech-lords if you do that.” So who are you? If you don’t believe in liberty enough to have a normal discussion then I do get the idea to kill you. You’re unamerican, it’s a new version of the british royalty that we rebelled against in the first place, manifesting once again. They ban millions of people from social discourse and you think they shouldn’t be banned from existence itself? You aren’t even allowed to have a conversation about why they ban them. You are supposed to accept that they are banned without any question. And you do. So you won’t be banned yourself. You’re both unamerican. The ones who want to eliminate freedom of thought are trying to eliminate any disagreement against them. It seems pretty clear to me that the present order’s main belief is “it’s good to be a retard”. And I’m not even exaggerating. Just look at Joe, that says it all. White retard, nigger retard, kike retard, whore retard, that’s what all the dems represent.

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