You can’t take away a man’s hobbies??

Yes your Honor the DMT entities told me to write a script for a film.

“You’re not getting away with that.”

Why is it legal for violent movies to be watched by billions? The ones getting killed in those are almost always symbolic, and always symbolic of the wrong enemy. My script notes are symbolic of the right enemy. That’s the best movie that will never be made.

“You’re going to prison!”

Scour the web for all those who have shown favor to Lenin then too if you want to be consistent. I’m sure there’s an AI that can document everyone who’s posted a hammer and sickle.

They don’t plan on being consistent. You’ll probably be punished for posting a Cringing Pepe five years ago

“Good! That will lead to shooters!”

That’s how they actually think. Anything besides absolute submission is white supremacy in their book.

World Jewry is a white-collar mafia, none of their lives matter. Blacks have down syndrome IQ and are prone to chimpouts and should thus be sterilized, that’s how to take care of the problem of people thinking about killing them. It would only lead to a better world if a movie were made involving all of their deaths.

Wouldn’t it be a relief if I stopped posting for a couple days and then you click my site to see a post beginning with “Greetings from Iran…”

You all deserve to die and everyone who matters thinks it without saying it. I personally want to buy some special boots for stomping your skulls to pulp. Ergonomic design!

Unfortunately I’m not sure if even Iran is an option anymore either, I read yesterday that they were bought off too. You think these bankers are going to be taken peacefully, say “Oy the jig’s up” and offer their wrists for cuffs? They’ll gather their military minions together before that happens and declare war against any concerted effort to put an end to their planetary hegemony. Yes, I want to fucking kill them, no shit. “Rothschild” is just a symbol, a surface actor. Rothschilds had daughters who took on different names. All their families need to be locked up, interrogated so we can find the rest of them, and very likely executed too. Having them work in a gulag and making it into a reality TV show as I’ve said would be preferable, however that might be risky, because ones we couldn’t find could coordinate to free them. Biden is merely the surface of the surface of the surface that’s protecting these people, and the cyber laws they plan to implement would be part of that strategy. Imagine him as a security guard at a bank. Yes, I’d like to see a movie where a bank is bombed with the puppet-president in it, how’d you guess? And so I continue to search the hidden internet for independent films such as this, because the gesamtkunstwerk will facilitate it actually happening in reality.

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