Something profound I realized… there’s something threatening about Putin, we know he’s an authoritarian murderer… something about his presence, I think we all can agree about that, something almost inhuman about him. Now consider that Putin isn’t really Putin. There are others more threatening than him in Russia, that use him as a face. Difficult to describe. Now think about how the US is more powerful than Russia. That connotation we have of Putin can be made more sinister when thinking about the informal powers of Russia, and then when you apply an even more sinister connotation to the informal powers of the US, then we can think of ourselves as knowing the reality. Are we on the same page? I know what I said might be confusing. I’ll put it a slightly different way. That idea that we all have of Putin? Apply that to the crypto-government of the US and multiply it by five or so. Joseph R. Biden is such a kind old man though! What are you talkin about smallskull-goy? Putin times five, approximately. He has a warm smile and says nice things, what are you talking about? Yeah they own your mind, that’s why you see it that way.

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