Like I said last night, I grew up saying the pledge of allegiance just like you, reading the dystopian novels as a teenager probably just like you, and they’re all so cliche at this time that no one wants to say that we’re living in them, even if it would be a true statement. Trying to find these books I do feel like I’m living in the classic about book-burning, Fahrenheit 451

90% of the “darknet” is devoted to selling drugs

I’d probably order a book with bitcoin–that I finally found–and it would be hollowed out with a baggy of fentanyl in it.

See this post if you want a refresher on how audio-visual media acts as mind-control. Banned books are the diametrical opposite of that form of media. The trillion dollar industry of movies and shows vs. the texts that cannot be published, which are even disappeared from the internet altogether. The true diametrical opposite would be if such books were made into movies. That, my friends, is probably a distant goal, though a goal nevertheless to have. Hate how people were brainwashed to believe in systemic racism and burn down the country? Well, the main weapon against that, theoretically, is audio-visual media based on banned books.

You know you live in a second-world country when your google for banned books shows you only ones that are perfectly acceptable to read and doesn’t mention the ones that are truly banned.

Crowley published the confidential information of the Golden Dawn secret society against their wishes, and that’s my self-understanding except I’m doing that with Kabbalists, secular or otherwise, Zionists, Christian or not. It’s a sort of political mysticism they don’t want you knowing about.

The most interesting case I know of at the moment is this Michael Laitman who was banned in Russia. He seems to be one of the rare Rabbis who doesn’t need truth serum. Rather a muzzle according to their plutocrats. I google “Michael Laitman Chosen by God 2003” and get 2 pages of results, and nothing about the book. He doesn’t appear to have an english wikipedia page either, despite being the author of about 40 books on mysticism and other things.

Ah found it

Many rabbis say that jews shouldn’t study Kabbalah until they’re 40. The unspoken secret is that no matter how old goys get they should never study their esotericism.

Why does this rabbi make the ZOG of Russia nervous? Here’s another one they banned.

This is only one perspective on the situation, perhaps the most important some would say. There’s also this side of the story that can be investigated

I’m still shedding the stereotypes about them too- the fact is, they’re the ones in the place to have put the most thought into ZOG.

Oh yeah, something else from the darkweb that my more paranoid friends might like to know about

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