View-from-above moment

One can see danger in this science only with a very biased view. After all, she is higher than our world, she talks about the upper world, about what is above us, while religion and science are engaged in the fact that they indicate to a person how he should behave in this world, without revealing to him the upper world

Laitman seems a lot more authentic than that one interview with “Rosenthal”. The latter is so mean-spirited that he sounds more honest however. It’s the mean-spirited ones who you will never hear from- they only carry out their spirit in actions rather than direct words.

There might be something to this interpretation of Laitman

Yes, the rarity of parrhesiasts like Laitman and Shamir is aggravating. They presuppose that we shouldn’t have a say in what is terrible. No, we need to have a real talk about this.

Someone who gets it

Most Jews, from what I can tell, are living in this “empirical” world themselves, and are therefore innocent. The ones who understand what Laitman is getting at here need to have a nice sit-down with the goys who understand what he’s getting at. Of course that won’t happen, because -antisemitic trope-. I feel like I’m trying to contact aliens here- the ones I’m speaking about might as well be. Radio silence, and I know they’re listening. Fine, don’t be like YHWH, that’s who seems to be speaking when I’m reading Laitman. Our cabal acts like an immanent deistic god that has withdrawn from public discussion.

Here is Bibi speaking when he thinks there isn’t a camera on him

In other words, they don’t need to have a discussion.

Heh, the thought of seizing “God-consciousness” from the bookshelves in Russia. “You can’t have that.” It’s like reading their personal journal. Some of them at least. That “Ukrainian” convert Bogolyubov for instance might be like this. Many of them are living in the empirical shekel realm plain and simple, and have base motives for hiding “the Kabbalah”.

Harshness to mercy, mercy to harshness, I can see that playing dynamic playing out in the political sphere

Depending who you are certain political figures are harsh or merciful.

You love to see it

Keep telling yourself your puppet is the president, pseudo-kabbalists. No mercy from me.

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