This is the realest thing I’ve read for a while – it isn’t 280 characters so try to focus

I would characterize this as “geburah”. This reminds me of my New Year’s Eve post from last year. In uprooting others to prepare for the NWO they’ve uprooted themselves and separated from their esoteric tradition. They don’t only look down upon Christians, they look down upon their Orthodox, and mystics like Laitman too. This has a global effect on the societies they run. If they destabilize the West, Israel will go next, and that will send them into a new “captivity” under Oriental Despotism in China.

Du Jin said it best

“The current state of Israel is a simulacrum. This is an anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish proclamation in all senses of these concepts”, Dugin is sure. “If you look at it from within Judaism – this is a parody. As part of the Jewish eschatological models its mission is purely fake. The fact is that in Judaism, in Jewish history the return of the Jews to the Promised Land should occur at the time of the arrival of the Moshiach.

Traumatized by the holocaust, they tried to force Revelation to redeem itself. Now that they have told themselves history has ended they don’t mind destabilizing their cashcow (murdercow) the United States since it, being anglo-german mostly, does not directly align with its interests. The way that the world looks now, the Quran and Mein Kampf appear to be updates of the primitive Torah, which they are in denial about. This leads to more and more suffering for everyone. Thankfully, we as adults don’t have to settle for any of these books, we can try to find some sort of agreement, rather than let the world burn, and us with it, after which the non-Abrahamics inherit the wreckage and advance beyond us.

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