The caste system

I wonder about what level you’re at if you need to ban people who disagree with you in the slightest for years! Are you able to answer any of our questions? The brightest Jews don’t publish for mainstream institutions, they’re marginalized and writing from a higher perspective.

Cops at door – never mind

The left believes secretly that cops should be able to arrest you if you disagree with them. They say defund the cops, what they really believe is that if you call kikes and niggers what they are then you deserve to be arrested. That’s what you are! Read history! You collect shekels through illegitimate means and then use them to promote your worldview which entails the killing of whites. The best ideology is Jews should die without any law involved. Yes, defund cops. Freelance murder-squad sounds like the best idea I’ve ever heard. Military, where are you? They want you to risk your life in the middle east so your daughter can grow up to be a whore, what are your thoughts on that, neocons? I know Strauss better than you! Boomer fraud. Jews, whites, and everyone else in the world is beholden to this belief system. Which seems to be, Make your population retarded? No, I’d rather shoot you in the head using a sniper rifle from my own covert agency. “Who’s that?” Who indeed, take a walk in public and see what happens, it’ll be your last moment on earth.

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