Probably have to know someone who knows someone to find the best darkweb sites

While I don’t know the answers to certain mysteries, I can gesture in the direction of mystery itself. Their propaganda is so effective we have to wonder if we’ve ever even asked the right questions.

You might have to journey through Hell

I wonder if I can find some forums for creepy people like me- “one tit for baby, the other tit for me” – just kidding! Seriously though, I read that feds plant links on there that look innocuous and are really there to deliberately incriminate you so they have something to use against you if they need to.

We’re discussing serious matters here that aren’t for children to read, potentially not even for adults to read.

Reminds me of a couple things Rosen said

A secure peace can never be enforced by arms or deeds alone; speech is also necessary. Nomos is the force of speech; it is the king of all men, including kings. The warrior-king must conceal his duplicity beneath the veil of nomos. Differently stated, nomos is a duplicitous appearance of force which pretends to be peace.

The nomos of our culture is there for good reason in many or most cases. To tinker with the concepts that Laitman does for instance is to challenge nomos itself, and that means that you’re going to be close to the abyss. You don’t want to be close to the abyss, unless you’re deranged or a shaman of some sort. I know of people who have turned into nihilists because they read my writings, and that’s unfortunate. It’s a form of insanity that can set in when one recognizes the pliability of the nomos. This is only one of the reasons why they ban Laitman. The main reason is that some people will see that pliability, and remaining perfectly sane, bend the nomos according to their own individual vision of what Is and Should Be. They perceive this as a form of nihilism, when their spell is broken, because it isn’t precisely their sorcery, as they are themselves beholden to that nomos, which was enshrined as above questioning, static, by people before them.

This can go profoundly wrong, as can clearly be seen in the case of the breakaway-society that we tend to label as the CIA, and its connection with Epstein, its trafficking of humans and drugs, for its own demented entertainment as well as economic and political advantages. They remind me of what latin american shamans call the datura tribeleaders, brujos, evil sorcerers who do not believe in the nomos that they impose on the rest of society. This is one result of dissolving the nomos in place. One can interpret the action of banning Laitman sympathetically in this light. One might see him as an innocent mystic at first glance, when the reality is that he’s tampering with civilizational meltdown. I hope to find more like him, honestly. I’m just being clear with you and warning that the worst nihilistic evils are possible from this line of thinking. That’s why antisemitism is the lord of taboos, why philo-semitism is implicitly the pinnacle nomos. Because de-concealing its nature as changeable would lead to an attempted transition of power that probably wouldn’t be peaceful. I said yesterday that they’re a white-collar mafia, so I don’t see any other option.

“waitwaitwait what about the breastmilk thing, are you going to clarify that one?” That’s lightyears away from the most bizarre, depraved thing you could find on the darkweb, I’m just trying to be playful while discussing a somber subject. “Sure…” No I’m just a lonely person because I talk about all this stuff. The shudras (pseudo-brahmins) of our society make you a chandala if you mess with their nomos.

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