Great question

This sheds light on the background of the surface-election that most are fixated on exclusively

“Don’t bring up Rothschild bro, that’s reptilian level conspiracy theory!”

The Board is crawling with “former” feds too. Genie Energy it’s called. This looks like the perfect cohort to describe the ones really behind the Biden mask. There’s a reason you never hear about Golan Heights.

The irony of the word “gaslighting” is that gas and oil are probably involved in some way!

A russkie name to investigate for the project of revealing an international plutocracy

People really are satiated about all this and distracted from it because Harris is a brown woman. Simple as that. She kind of looks Syrian, I guess? “That will make them happy while we kill and displace millions of other brown people.” None of the Biden enthusiasts will ever mention the idea of “What oil lies east of the Golan Heights?” although that is one of the most prominent geopolitical questions he represents. They’re happy because “brown woman good” so to speak.

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