Missed this feud – precious

Pompeo goes on to say that the US is the greatest country in history. Was, maybe.

The Iranians must be the most entertained ones in the world by all this.

I mean, is he wrong?

Zero US politicians are allowed to make this claim. Oh yeah, we’re the best country in the world, who should definitely have control of nukes, and restrict Iran from having them, clearly clearly clearly.

Some of his ideas are pretty out there though, I have to say

Was it a coincidence that they named it this?

Trafficking with extradimensional entities, who would believe such a thing?

That’s what the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and Crowley claimed to do, though jinn wasn’t the specific term they used, and they drew from Kabbalah- imagine what some of these Rabbis with a centuries-old tradition might be capable of, who didn’t simply create a secret society overnight as it were as was the case for the two mentioned above. Remember these diagrams? Can you claim to have any idea whatsoever about what’s going on with that?

Anyway, forget about that side of things (or not), Iran’s supreme leader has a more accurate perception than our MSM

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