The Iranians are making the same “international” claim as the Russians

There was a time when some people in our country wished to be like Westerners and Americans and to have an American-style democracy, but now the curtains have been drawn and the facts are clear to everyone… Whatever they do, it will end one day, how many lawsuits, disputes have arisen over it, in a way that has deafened the ears of the world!

Everyone in the world, except the American left.

Let’s see what someone closeby thinks

I see what lots of world leaders say, and it seems they’re being merely diplomatic when you see their citizens’ takes.


I can never emphasize too many times that the reason the media has made Russia the main enemy probably has some connection to the fact that they tend to have the shrewdest takes on the US

He’s the perfect symbol for the globalist project at least- senile, incoherent, close to death.

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