The tendency that Wikispooks has to cut right to the chase never ceases to surprise me

I remember when wikipedia started getting popular, how teachers warned that it’s an unreliable source – betcha they couldn’t tell you precisely how it is now without losing their jobs.

There used to be a trend of people trying to signal that they are inquisitive where they’d mention how they spend hours hopping from link to link on wikipedia – think that didn’t shape your mind at all? This is one of the subtler forms of info-control they have. Because with news for instance everyone kind of naturally doesn’t take it seriously. With wikipedia though we see it as a trusted source. “Encyclopedias contain facts.”

So the left is talking about making lists huh? Wikispooks provides a starting point for us

As of December 2019, Wikipedia was still ignoring the fact that all the Bilderberg attendance lists have been leaked and are now public domain. Their page on Bilderberg attendees, for example had only a few hundred names, not the 2992 listed here, and none of the original conference reports or guest lists used to source this information.

Is that the US version of the CCP I see? Something close to it. There are also those who do not deign to participate in such frivolities.



we’re finding that a substantial percentage of heavy-duty donors to the Wikimedia Foundation have themselves constructed the Wikipedia article(s) germane to them. While a few have adequately disclosed their conflict of interest, most have not.

Found a link on wikispooks to a site with 200 hours of recordings within CNN HQ

I see leftists say that the election was “called”, and they tend to be referring to CNN or one of the other agencies in its monolith. What, Jeff Zucker called it? That’s the president of CNN. If you trace it back further, you’ll see that someone by the name of John Stankey “called it”, John Stankey the CEO of AT&T which owns CNN. Let’s reverse that now. Suppose that Fox news called the election in favor of Trump. That would be like Murdoch “calling it”. If I were to tell you that I’m following what Murdoch says, you wouldn’t really take that seriously, would you? Stankey, Murdoch, who are they to tell us anything? The left is so pathetic.

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