A slow-motion bullet traveling to Trump’s head, that’s what I see this as. Can it be stopped? If it can’t be then Trump should be prepared to do what JFK couldn’t do and “fire” at the same time, a nice western-style suicide-bomb. You think that Bilderberg list is accurate? No, only someone like Trump would have “the real list”, and it might not be legal to disclose as a citizen. Not only names- addresses, and evidence of corruption. If the hidden government takes him out then ordinary peaceful citizens should know all the information about them available, so they can take matters into their own hands, regarding life and death. If 70 million people had a list of names, addresses, and crimes given to them by the president, I wonder how many unhinged psychopaths would decide to carry out justice above the law, which cannot be trusted anymore, and kill them in their sleep or while driving in their tinted automobile? If the shadow government installs Biden as the president, I wonder what could happen throughout his four years? Death after death, most of which are unable to find a suspect, because they were planned out so well? It was just an innocent list, was Trump to blame for their murders? “All these people who control the world, and control what Americans are allowed to think” – who would put a landmine in their yard where they pick up the newspaper in the morning? That thought would never cross anyone’s mind. I want them to be so afraid of going out into public that they are constantly paranoid of being removed from existence by a righteous vigilante. The tentative list is already public. This is worse than the JFK hit because it’s so much more deceptive, because they’ve gamed it to seem to have “integrity”. I won’t settle for that. If you’re going to play that game you’re going to pay the price. Around a hundred million people, probably many more, are watching what you’re doing in real-time, and if any one of them wanted to, they could track every thing you do and have done, and figure out how to send you directly to hell with a stifling of your heartbeat. Like I said, the tentative list is already out there. If you do not want your children to live in Central American conditions then I think you know what you should start planning on doing.

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