Before and after, technically

Let’s see, what kinds of “classified intelligence” are we talking about here?

This is for the older stuff they’ve been hiding for decades

Now I expect flashdrives in vaults containing gigabytes and gigabytes of information.

Apparently lie detector tests aren’t unheard of, we may have to use those on certain feds

Interrogations on intel pertaining specifically to (c) here

Who knows what they keep classified, what we know of as a “natural event” that they in fact orchestrated, this is potentially some exciting stuff

A lot of this is just for us history buffs, there’s also more pressing concerns to focus on

Could possibly hit them preemptively, this supra-national spy-ring.

If MI6 and the Mossad have a crypto-presence in the US it seems right to declassify intel involving them as well.

So much taxpayer money has gone into these agencies, don’t you think we have a right to know what they’ve been up to?

And remember, various “KGB” agents I’ve read claim there are upwards of 16 different agencies. Probably more, that’s why the lie detector tests will be necessary.

Sad to think that the “intelligence king” has probably destroyed 100% of evidence involving entire agencies over the years, and maybe even two minutes ago

-frisbees a floppy disk into a fireplace-

And the ones they haven’t destroyed might be labeled with some deceptive codeword, for instance

Who knows which files would be most devastating to the living swamp.

See, here are some letter agencies I’ve never heard of before

S’why I often scare-quote “CIA” – I’m not stupid.

If documents do get declassified, it might be a way of tricking Trump into selectively scapegoating peripheral agencies rather than the core of their intel apparatus.

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