Remember there’s a book on how Brennan spied on Trump – his illegal surveillance the last four years might be part of what worries him

I also just found this site which has a bunch of interesting links you can click if you want to know more about the classified intel system.

Here are some recently published codenames

This draws from this 2020 book. I wonder what the codenames are for the international “intelligence kingpins” – I doubt their titles are formal, on wikipedia for instance puh.

Then there’s this statement from the first hyperlinked book

Nonetheless, we have to work with what we’ve got

It’s of maximum significance to note that we’re dealing with people who acquired a great deal of their control through an event that was STAGED. An event that one is not allowed to describe too directly since it involved Zionism. There’s also the question of the old swamp, the decrepit swamp creatures who did the staging. Dubya’s looking pretty old now, and his “lobbiers” and advisors probably have died off and delegated responsibilities since then. So who are they, that’s what we’re trying to find out.

If he declassified everything (besides nuke info obviously) he could cause supranational chaos – “five eyes”? How about

What would chaos really mean though? What is it that would be destroyed?

What a loss!

Brennan says Trump is a threat to “national security”, what a laugh that is.

They get purged and then they just recongregate – how to avoid this?

How about giving them the option to recongregate in the prison yard?

Why we call them spooks, because they can send us to prison instead

They’ve managed to redirect this blame to Trump, they’re pros. Two months before they gain even more control – an Überwikileaks is the only way to effectively undermine them.

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