The left was so psyopped

Guess who

This would be a more accurate name for BLM

Podcast? Were you exiled or something?

Ah, part of the surveillance state, I guess I’ve heard of worse.

Torture? Yeah, I suppose that’s pretty bad.

The same Morell who, in an interview with Charlie Rose, said overtly that he wants to kill people in the middle east covertly.

Half the country chose George W. Bush.

The surveillance state, the NSA, matches every stereotype of “Big Brother” – that’s what they chose. Israel first, without even needing another 9/11. They just reframed the boogeyman to be Trump instead of Bin Laden. After 20 years of propaganda there’s more racism against whites than arabs in the public’s “natural intuition”.

What we can expect with George W. Biden is critical race theory which is equalist on the surface, and which is in reality anti-white, anti-arab, Jewish supremacist, all the while incorporating black and latino hut-culture. An increase in censorship and self-censorship both online and off for anyone with thoughts of dissent. More oil money in the pockets of the bankers, more land for Israel, a continuing vulgarization of art and philosophy, and with Harris a further normalization of mud-crudeness and woman-hysteria having the “right of way” over the rationality and objective-mindedness that is mostly unique only to white males. Hola Argentina. من به شما کمک می کنم تا موساد را بکشید. Amerika ist wirklich der große Satan.

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