Figured I’d study ancient Syria since that seems to be the likely candidate for a future war.

See how much this shifted in those days?

It continues to shift to this day. If you think of Central Banks as a sort of Alexander the Great, most of the world is covered. Syria, Iran, North Korea, maybe a couple others are yet to be conquered. So that must entice them, especially Syria, which is so close, and part of the “promise” of the Torah.

This hawk picture of Biden is revealing, I have to post it again

You have to keep in mind that there are questions of Eternity going on in the background of all this. Whites are Judaeo-Christians. Jewish salvation is their salvation. Even with secular ones there’s probably a genetic factor to this.

Iran isn’t part of the “Greater Israel” project, they just supply terrorists to Syria and Gaza, so they’re a problem. Greater Israel interferes with their Revelation. This is why subtly try to cause them to lose faith in Islam using the “Iranian” TV channels that (((they))) own. They do the same with “screens” in our countries for the white goys here with reactionary ideas.

So for now, if you’re someone who’s interested in a broader conception of politics than present-day surface events, their history with the Syrians of old would be an important subject of study.

Just with a casual Yandex (my new verb for “google”) I already found some genealogical material

Few Jews were slaves, but most were engaged in cultivating the rich Mesopotamian soil, either as landlords or tenant peasants.

This is another one of their cApTiViTiEs! Oh no!!

So what do we have already? Purim Festival, that’s something that a shelf of books could be written about. Exodus likewise. We’ve found more material in line with 200 Years Together for Russian history. Lots more could be found on the Ottomans. Their crypto-control of Hong Kong, federal reserve in China, etc. Is India free from them? I still haven’t done much research on that. Mexico ZOG is a pressing concern of ours. 109 books we need to write, so that we can then write the 110th one! For now I’m going to be going through the million documents on Syrian history. Just because it’s my idea of fun to challenge the powers that be. I’ll still figure out how to do it from a prison cell too, try me.

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