This is a decent vid, that might inspire some illegal thoughts to pursue

I’m “just settling” with this vid, like with most everything else in the modern world. Such a better one could be made, a thousand times better, and yet through all my snooping around the internet, I’ve never seen one. There’s youtube level, then there’s hollywood level that could be made. The most subversive movie in history. “That movie was ‘Roots’! It was already made.” No, that’s within the superstructure of Jewish history. Cryptocurrency is probably our best bet here, since many probably would like a movie to be made, or how about a Film, true art, and they don’t want to be directly connected in any way. I’m not an artist, I’m a theorist, so I can’t help you precisely directly either. This is the main way to crush Zionism, if anyone wanted to do that. Most are crushed by Zionism, so they don’t care much to. They probably look at Biden Harris and don’t see Jews there – you’re not seeing reality! Maybe if the counter-coup in process at the moment does not prevail and “Biden” wins, and the neocon war-machine kicks into gear, then people will start getting the idea to create the kind of art I’m talking about. Either that or they’ll be tricked another four years, because why wouldn’t they be, if they have been for decades now? The job for those of us already in the know is to continue creating the theoretical basis for such art, which ordinary people will be able to understand. Every migration and more that’s shown in the above vid can be portrayed non-philosemitically. And that itself will cause people to wonder about our current political order. I’d love to see a multimillion dollar movie made by people who understand things the way I do, set in the present-day. Only then will people be able to understand. The ancient Greeks had festivals in honor Dionysus, that’s where their classic plays originate from. We need something like that. That’s how to get people out of mundane consciousness. Words on a screen can’t do that optimally. A gesamtkunstwerk can. Ideally, if it was good enough, it would create a first-order layer of perception through which all the rest of the heeb media would be perceived.

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