Thinking about how many peoples on the borders of the Mediterranean Sea are cousins, through behavior and appearance. No, humans are all the same, didn’t you know? Some can understand Med culture. No no, that isn’t real, we’re all one humanity. Spain, Italy, North Africa, Turkey, Syria, the list goes on until we get to the one who can’t be named. Can’t they? What did Gaddafi represent? Was he similar to Mussolini? Syria, Palestine, they call people who challenge them “fascists” and fail to define the word. It’s just their way of ordering military action against people they disagree with. Iranians are Nazis for thinking that the Quran made some good arguments against the prior Abrahamisms. Now situate this in the context of Kant Hegel Marx Nietzsche. They dismiss the Germans in the same way to pursue their own genetic-Torah. You Jews will never understand what is going on, because you cannot incorporate new knowledge, you are an “Eternal Jew”, exiled to exile itself. “Listen goy, you’re not my cousin, you don’t have any way of knowing who I am.” I’m not sorry for enslaving you, and I condone your actions in Israel, I however believe that the US should have the same autonomy. Jews do what Jews do, exterminating lessers, and the US does the same here. “That might lead to you killing us, though.” Maybe you deserve to die? Go to your own country. Until then you give me the impression that you deserve extermination. Anyway, I try to be a “religious” person myself, unironically, and I have lots of doubts that you are good for that. YHWH couldn’t accept disagreement over the millennia, and turned into the opposite of YHWH.

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