They ban Russian books in Ukraine, Dugin’s among them. There’s a psyphi writer on the list too

Can never get enough “near-future fiction”

Metropolis on Fire  – The battle is at its fiercest. A massive strike cripples the American superarmada. The indestructible aircraft carriers are at the bottom of the sea. It’s not easy to cut up the world, when one is faced with soldiers in kevlar armor and Russian hackers…  a rebellion being in the overfed USA, as blacks fight whites, Hispanics fight whites, and whites fight both of the above. In general, US is going to hell, but the Russian soldiers still fight…

Russian alternative history novels involving America, there must be a treasure trove out there

Strange statement

Perhaps it would not be an exaggeration to say that the history of Russia “according to Valentinov” is much more plausible than the one we all know from our own experience and from school textbooks.

Do they “hide” in fiction?

The first trilogy of the epic novel, which opened a new genre of “crypto-history”, is published for the first time in the author’s edition. The “Eye of Power” by Andrey Valentinov is a secret history of the 20th century hidden from us.

The basic idea of this genre

I’d prefer non-fantastical. Maybe it’s framed that way to avoid the censors? This from the third of his trilogy could be interpreted symbolically

There is no turning back for those who have crossed the invisible line. It is difficult to survive, even more difficult is to defeat those who have invisibly ruled the country for almost a century …

Another way to distinguish the genres


I can imagine how “behind the scenes” forges documents around the world and removes all genuine ones beyond my power. 

Why we need to get to Syrian libraries fast!

At the top of a forum, none other than

Personally, I like the crypto-history genre. One of the strongest impressions in this genre is A. Dugin’s book “Conspiracy”, written in the early 1990s, about the struggle for power of secret orders – the GRU and GPU-KGB. The book seems to be not fiction

I was thinking of this connection (highlighted)

Platonov, that’s one of the banned ones on the Russian Federation’s List of Extremist Materials

“Translating” banned books into subtle psyphi… sounds deadly.

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