Weird trend in Russia that’s similar to the “Renaissance is a hoax” Chinaman

The history of mankind has been known with acceptable certainty only since the 18th century. The “New Chronology” believes that only since that time detailed and numerous historical sources have been preserved, sufficient for an unambiguous restoration of history. It is assumed that the history of the 9th – 17th centuries is significantly less reliable ; written sources of these times, especially those earlier than the XIV – XV centuries , are few in number and require a thorough study of the authenticity and analysis of the content, allowing for various interpretations. It is also assumed that no reliable written evidence earlier than the 9th century exists

Quite a bit of people are open-minded to this

By the beginning of 2011, more than 100 books with a total circulation of about 800 thousand copies were published according to the New Chronology

Garry Kasparov, often recognized as the greatest chess player in history, believed in the New Chronology. Obviously I doubt this is real. At the same time uh.. I believe anything is possible? Especially when I see how much our overlords lie to us about everything? Outstanding work, you made me this cynical, bravo. History is only 14 centuries old? The grandiose deceptions imposed by our mind-controllers have led me to readily entertain that speculation.

A list of non-academic Russian historians. Genealogists. Probably lots of pseudoscientific wonks, though you never know, could find some gems. Platonov is on there. They’re trying to remove Plato and Aristotle from the universities, why would I trust them about anything? I saw one translation, “Specialized specialists have refuted…” Yeah I don’t trust establishmentarians.

This is a good example to describe my interest

Suren Ayvazyan published a number of unexpected statements regarding the history of Russia.

Even if I have eventually sided against Nietzsche on the question of Socrates as the corrupter of Western history, he still freed up my mind. That’s the value of these kinds of scholars. Do you think Mussolini was one of the most evil people ever? Well hopefully I’ve given you some freedom of thought on that conviction. Lots to learn from our demonized Russian friends.

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