They take Platonov to court for his books

Is the highlighted incorrect? I’m not so sure it is. Name a more mysterious one.

They also have repeatedly raided his publishing house

Here’s a 1997 book of his on America, a more recent one isn’t as easy to find.

Ey we gotta problem wid your -checks notes- biographies on people

From another article – would you have expected this to be happening in Russia too?

Sick people doing this. Platonov seems similar to Laitman in that he offers people a sort of “God-consciousness”.

Here is one of his writings on the Protocols that the authorities have deemed reason to imprison Platonov.

This happened in 2018

The media showed up too.

Look who he talks about in that book

This looks like the other book they tried to lock him up for.

We could file this under “countries the ‘CIA’ is meddling with”

In the memoirs of Oleg Platonov, for the first time, some pages of the secret war of the West against Russia are opened. After many years of silence, forced by the observance of secrecy, the author was able to publish important information about the activities of subversive, anti-Russian organizations funded by the US government and their Western European satellites.

I’ll try to find a hyperlink to the Ivan the Terrible book next, probably his idea of a suggestion for the final solution.

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