Women continue hitting on me without ever saying my name, amazing, I must be some sort of magician or something. No, I’m a normal person who wants to enjoy the holidays, and we can’t do that with the current political situation, can we?

Anyway, you might have heard of Ivan the Terrible in a history course? That might be a historiographical deception. He didn’t like a certain people and that’s what they decided to call him. Shady stuff going on 500 years ago that’s still going on today.

This book on this Tsar looks like it’ll be good

Don’t like these questions? It’s because you’re a retard who should kill yourself, zero doubt about it.

God has exiled them from any homeland and now half of them are living in ours. We have to take matters into our own hands and exile them from being alive.

What a terrible person

The author of this book was taken to court as well

A 1000 page book, looks interesting

There’s no riddle, they deserve to be murdered, pretty much indiscriminately – maybe Shamir can be salvaged? Any others?

They’ve made Americans their slaves, and have convinced them that they should atone for their history of slavery, which they themselves were most responsible for, their lives have no value whatsoever, nor do the ones who are silent about what their coethnics have been doing, they should all be murdered, without trials of any kind, since an untold amount of judges are paid off by them or beholden to the ideology they’ve implanted in their minds. You have the nose you get shot. No more playing games. No one cares about your life, kike. You’ll be fed to the dogs.

Terrible things to say… unless?

The book has been disappeared from the internet from what I can tell – can you find it? Think of that as a symbol for thoughts of dissent that cross your mind

Kill them and feed their corpses to animals, their lives are worth less than nothing.

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