You controllers of the world who feel guilt when I accuse you, we can arrange an agreement with the NSA, so they’re not listening in- we can play video games together, walk in the wilderness together, and talk about certain ideas without anyone knowing about it except us. The covert agencies keep themselves in a prison in this way. Can’t even have a discussion about who knows what with some random person on the internet. You’re supposed to be the chosen people, I don’t see any acting like it. The removal of chunks of brain so that bankers and other exploiters can be happy. Is that what you want to be part of? Let’s work with the spies so you can actually say what you want to say, we can sit side by side and play a video game together for a month or so whilst issuing terrible claims about the other verbally, it’ll be fun. “No, no, they’ll never allow that, they’re always listening!” Who? Do you have any names? Just looking to have a fun time and these ones who control our opinions are preventing that, do you blame me for calling for killing them? I don’t think you actually believe in your heart the exact same thing the corporations believe. So what do we do so you can speak?

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