I see all kinds of things in the press which neither leftists or rightists believe in. You can fault me for playing the role of priest, wouldn’t you like a priest in your life that wasn’t controlled by them?

God is the one who knows. Who is the one who is right in this human conflict? It seems to be the case that the one who disagrees with all the bureaucracies that control opinion.

What does God love?

Being direct about reality. Are Jews and niggers bad people? Many might say that is the case.

We’re living in a time of atheism. What does God think of Racism?

The answer is racistically formented. What do jews think of racism? I wonder, they are the worst people in all of history if they thought about that too much, so I wonder why there would be a ban on racism.

“What does God love?” is the essential question to wonder about.

Beauty definitely is one of the answers to that question. And I wonder who makes you think that races who are parasites on our countries have any answer to it.

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