Yandexing “cathedral” to see if I can find any alien takes on ours

Eh I guess that’s in the right direction.

Trump wouldn’t ever tweet something like this would he?

It’s already a “within the bounds of civilized society” kind of day isn’t it?

This isn’t a bad encapsulation

The sermons of the professors. Something crucial Moldbug left out is the mutual reinforcement of academic “knowledge” on social media. Yeah dude your professors had PhDs, that doesn’t mean much outside the walls of “accepted civilization”. People on the TV look professional, that doesn’t mean much. In fact, it means nothing. It’s all ideologues who followed the Rules from day 1, much like you. You’re a gullible idiot. The only thing “systemic”, which the progs systemically harp on about, is the erasure of particular right-wing worldviews. All the rest is fabrication, systemic racism was taught to you by the system, once again, you’re an idiot. These are just the facts. You’re an unthinking clone of professors and CEOs of the screens. Your personality isn’t yours! The most basic fundamentals of it anyway. You all wear the same uniform, and I guess you get your own sewn-on nametag to distinguish you from everyone else, how unique you are, can I be like you some day? Teach me. Professors and other “professionals” have given you selective information and you and your pathetic pseudo-friends on social media give each other hearts when you repeat that selective information in your own special, unique way. Nice, I wouldn’t even call that behavior “human” technically, something much less.

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