Yandexing Leary’s eight circuits

This is what is said of the seventh

It arose in the West after the scientific revolution (16th-18th centuries) among various “hermetic” societies.

The myth of universal enlightenment is that more than a minority knows what this is about. A minority within that minority is attempting to remove fellow seventh-circuiters.

These are just approximations

The third circuit appeared quite recently, about 100 thousand years ago. This is the circuit that is responsible for the appearance of language and thought.

The same ones who tend to say people like me are living in the past have a consciousness that’s still stuck about 100,000 years in the past. They are incapable of any form of hermeticism no matter what education they are given.

This is what is said of the sixth – Western “yoga” falls into this category, i.e. study of lofty texts

provides access… to the evolutionary scenario of the future recorded on DNA. Available only to those who have mastered perfectly and have been practicing for many years the highest stages of Raja Yoga. It contains not only the memory of the past, but also the distinct trajectories of the future. In Wilson’s words: “It can serve as a kind of evolutionary ‘radar’, preparing us for quantum leaps in consciousness by showing us records of previous mutations.”

What the actual meaning of the cathedral is is the trajectory of the reversal of evolution.

Sweet, I found a Russian writer grouped with Leary and his ilk – Victor Pelevin. Ah the futility of talking to third circuiters with primitive brains, sigh. “Evolution” to them means eliminating brahmins. Someone opened up the top of your skull and tipped a shovel of manure in.

These are going away

The second group of four subsequent circuits of consciousness is much younger, and its individual structures are still in a state of formation, being relatively developed in only a few individuals.

It isn’t clear that many Chinese are like this, if any.

This is said of the fifth

This outline began to appear about four thousand years ago, when a class of people with leisure and spirituality-oriented emerged.

Confucianism, Hinduism, etc. Most Americans have brains that are older than four thousand years, so to speak. Can’t even process the ancient Asian sages, let alone Greeks or Germans lol Get me out of this place.


A. Korzybski called the state of this level “the consciousness of the abstract”

All the people who believe their vote matters…

Sad people

Can you just stop? The answer is no.

Priests of ancient Egypt were more advanced than 90% of the current US population

Thousands activated between 2000-2020 too? They must be hiding in the academy mostly

I love Leary

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