That’s the most formalist event of many of our lives, that the MSM “called it”. See, we were right, they really are considered the actual president of the country. To get a clearer view of what they are you have to understand their monopoly- imagine if Trump disabled every account that he disagreed with. That’s what the MSM has done with TV channels, newspapers, etc. Similar in the academy, I know of next to zero JSTOR articles that are truly Platonist. Just use that example again of Trump banning all twitter accounts that are opposed to him. That’s what the establishment has done. Would you consider me a fascist? Alright whatever that label is fine to me honestly, I know of zero fascist movies since the 40s. Pretty sure if you have such an absolute monopoly I’m not the fascist one here. Removing Trump, in such a suspicious way at that, is only in the service of making that monopoly even more total. It’s similar to the ma n pa shops that have been getting looted and burned down and going out of business generally. They want everything. If they take this to the supreme court and Trump gets another four years somehow, what would we even have to look forward to? Sorry that’s pessimistic, it just seems like they’ll invent another Russiagate, and then use the next two years after that for another dem debate distraction, before trying to rig the election again in 2024. So exciting. Whether Trump is the prez or not, this isn’t a place that you want to live. Unless you’re moving here from cartelville, latin america, which is pretty much what the pseudo-elites are setting up America’s main purpose to be, an escape patch for global detritus. It’s not a good place for whites. All the different forms of media scapegoating Trump to tell you indirectly that you shouldn’t be alive, and CRT is in the elementary schools too in subtle ways, “feeding the children on the bread of self-hatred”, such a healthy place, prog-Christianity is even painted as backwards, only anti-white, “equalist” materialist suspension of morality is regarded as transcendent. Wonder why I constantly talk about killing people? That’s the only sane reaction to any of this.

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