Everyone would be so much happier if I were given control of the military for one month, I promise you. Everyone except those run over by tanks at least. A disturbing moment in American history, probably “traumatizing” to the old birds, a reason for celebration for the objective ones. If we cleaned this country up it would feel like Christmas every day for a decade. The only thing most people will witness with their own eyes is a drop in the population by a few million on a website. Their core depending how you look at it is about 10,000, then you have to factor in that they’ll all simply replace the dead ones and continue to do the same thing. We can start with the core and see how that goes, how’s that sound? “It’s a fantasy, that will never happen!” Not with that attitude, you delicate flower. I’m sick of being enslaved by kike-ideology, any means are justified to dispose of it. They hate you and they want you yourself to share this hatred for you! They have all the money and all the institutions and that’s what they use it for. They blame you for the Nazis even though the Nazis were in the right, as we can see by contemporary America. No, you’re a content slave aren’t you? They’ve made the population not care about anything, just what they want. I’ve said it once I’ll say it again since I don’t see anyone else saying it- if you want actual change in the country I’m here waiting to send men with guns to kick doors down, no matter how powerful the piece of shit is, they’re being collected and interrogated, if not killed right then and there and tossed onto a pile in the back of a dumpster truck. Someone has to say it. There’s not going to be any collective action for this because they’ve snuffed out the light of justice in you. All they want is an empty shell, that’s what they want you to be, and for the most part, they have already achieved their goal. I don’t care about an empty shell’s opinion. “We shouldn’t shoot them in the head, that’s immoral.” It doesn’t matter that we’re “living in 2020”, this is a slave society, and there’s a high likelihood that you are one of the slaves. We can put an end to that. There’s one way to do that and that involves lots of murder. I’m here, waiting. Either to direct the secret police or be one of them. Wouldn’t you love to shoot a plutocrat in the head? Wouldn’t you love to track them down in some underground base in Thailand? Wouldn’t you love to hear them scream after you dynamite the hatch off and soldiers begin descending down the ladder?

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