It’s easy to talk about how Biden is a type of neocon similar to Bush who will likely cause wars in the middle east for the Israeli cause. What isn’t so easy to talk about is how there’s a similar “war” he represents right in America rather than the middle east. In both cases it’s meant to destabilize the populations for Jewish interests. Biden voters have been brainwashed to believe that “We need war against America!” White supremacism, police brutality, that’s just a new Saddam WMD oy vey look out! They keep doing the same kind of tricks to you stupid goys, I’m done with you. I don’t blame you, from what’s left of my Christian heart (which isn’t much) I love you. There’s a war on terror in both the middle east and the west, and both are made up because it’s good for cunning Jews to make more money, and see their Book is true, and that their history of being kikes is redeemed. It’s not. Until every goy with one brain cell is dead they can never convince themselves that they weren’t meant to be exiled for being bad people, and they didn’t deserve the holocaust. You did! And now we are administered by people like this, who should have been killed a thousand years ago, if not three thousand years ago. Biden Harris is just their white-friendly mind-control tactic. They can’t get away with droning them here so they use more discreet methods. Be monkey! Be monkey! When you can’t understand basic math, and prefer to watch netflicks rather than read profound books, you are already living in the state that is suitable to them, and that’s many, right now. They destabilized Iraq and Libya, leading to chaos, and they’re doing the same thing here so people are stupid enough to create Greater Israel for them, until they are made to be too retarded, by which time they will likely be migrating to China and creating memes in the media about “American captivity” – those evil goys kept us in CAPTIVITY! again, please help us, Chinese goys, you can trust us…

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