This is just craziness, people are postulating it as non-scifi though

Lily pads? Perfect

Asians are seriously planning this stuff out, and what are we doing?

It’s da end of history. STFU

This might be more elaborate than that one book I always draw from

Whites are going to be trying to convince each other that niggers are human for the next century while they’re building this kind of stuff in the East – PATHETIC!! Worthless people. Go jump off a cliff.

I heard about this lily pad city from this blog. They talk about other seasteading designs as well.

Back to what’s possibly the most interesting thing about this though-

I showed you before there’s technology for converting seawater into rocket fuel – moon dust, seawater, some shocking possibilities.

So what about the other near-infinite resource seasteaders would have at their disposal – we got any sand experts in the house?

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