Oo I like this, fields where the animals will graze

Refreshing to look at in this society of ours. Jews and whores will not be invited here. What are you mad that you’re a human-shaped tumor? Go mosey off somewhere.

How stupid do you have to be?

Half the country is human trash that should be lit on fire.

Oh sorry, I digressed, seasteading. We need to get away from people who don’t even need to be coerced by the techlords to fall into line. Just willing morons who aren’t even afraid of being banned, they just truly believe everything that is required of them. This is not a coincidence- zero individuality. How can you say of yourself that you have a soul? Why would we want to live in the same political order as you? You taint all of existence. Some of these white niggers are even starting to slip into ebonics from time to time. Total baboonification of their psyche within 50 years. You don’t want to raise children in a country like that. Removing them from reality is not a question of conscience, it’s a resounding ethical imperative.

The sea, the sea, I dream of gently swaying, far away.

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