At least I’ve tried to do something about it. What can you say for yourself? It can’t be a coincidence the extreme atomization I’ve experienced the last few years. Always having the sense that no one agrees with me, that turning into a human turd isn’t okay. Well I have news for you, I’ve felt essentially alone for years in this, and that makes you a human turd. Once again, you wouldn’t even get banned, you’re just a moron. You counter-signal any pro-white sentiment because you have a skull full of liquid shit. Are you happy that this is where you find yourself? Why are we able to sit in a nice place with electricity and internet and have this fine conversation anyway? Was it because of white people by chance? You’re enemies of civilization, Satan’s spawn, your life is meaningless, crushing you would mean less than crushing a bug. You disgusting, deluded freaks would never live in the Congo or El Salvador and yet you want to make this place that we live like those places? Are you sure you’re mentally well? No, you’re one of the depraved people who have been documented throughout history and mythology that brings about evil in the world. You don’t like white people simply because your soul is rotten to the core. There’s no salvation for you, and I’ll saw your head off. That’s the only thing you deserve. It’s not directly your fault, you’ve just been made into a cog of the jews – is that enough for your life to be spared? I don’t think so, you pretty much are them at this point. You think the creators of civilization shouldn’t exist, I think you should die. I will have no guilt about ending your life. A turd with eyeballs who’s able to type on the internet, that’s all you are, and there’s nothing that can clean you, because that is what you are to your very core.

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