You people who have chosen to hate-read me, maybe you are beings of light? I’ve been trying to understand the French Revolution and what brought us to this, and there are clues in this book on how we got to the French Revolution in the first place. Third-circuiters hate me enough as it is, you can read it from there if you’d like. You probably won’t only posts and shows guide your conscience. “Who are you to tell me?” I’m telling you. Bacon, Shakespeare, Machiavelli, Descartes, these are all ones you should try to read if you want to understand the present order. “Can’t you just tell me an easy answer?” No, if it was that easy I would have, it’s not that simple unfortunately. The turn from the “medieval” age to the enlightenment should be studied. If you want me to give you a clue.. no, you can’t have that. You have to find out for yourself. Will you? Or would you rather read people alive today? “People alive today!” – not the patrician’s choice. “I’m a lazy disgusting person and I hate people who tell me that.” – Yeah I know. I’ll be your therapist if you want, how does a book club sound to you? “What does this have to do with Cartesian mathematics founding the new biblical Revelation?” – What do you mean? Were we trying to talk about serious ideas here or just politics and memes?

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