The last few nights on the astral plane I’ve been shown information that can’t be brought back, geometries that can’t be drawn, of the point of the pyramid, pertaining to the federal reserve. Maybe in the future we’ll have a cyborg interface that will allow us to biohack and transfer the files from that realm. I’m sure perfectly mundane paths will suffice. Back in this reality, one of the first links I click involving the Fed mentions that disappeared book on Ivan the Wonderful. Would it have been better for Rand Paul to have won in 2016? Thought this was funny where Biden gave his victory speech

It prints power, more like

Maybe that Navalny isn’t so bad after all

Even I’d take democracy and human rights over bankocracy. Print money, loan it, make interest off it, fund projects in line with your ideology, Plato’s form of the philosopher king right here. If a dollar bill represents a drop of sweat, represents labor, manual or mental, they rule the world through pseudo-labor, they have a magic machine that creates the simulacra of labor which they trade you for your actual labor. And if you bring this up you’re usually accused of anti-semitism. The word anti-semitism has power because they’ve funded the mind-control using that labor-simulacra that’s created the conditions where it’s powerful. If you could print power wouldn’t you use a decent portion of it to prevent people from questioning that printer? If the Iranians have so far resisted the Fed that might be evidence that they are the master race.

Allah > Yahweh it seems in this case

Israel is an illegitimate state in this sense, as usury is how it’s funded, whether directly, or indirectly, i.e. through “buying people’s minds” and shifting their concerns pro-zionist-ward. Usury is one of the great sins of Islam. After all the expulsions in the Middle East one can understand how this arose to prominence. That it’s such a mortal sin in the Quran is a symptom that the “captivities” I love to lampoon had some dishonest element involved. They seek to destabilize Muslim countries in part because they are the main ones who hold them in Judgment, in a profound religious sense. Instead of reforming and doing honest work they’d prefer to dissolve the faith of those who judge them. This isn’t unique to the Quran- the New Testament is one of the most anti-semitic texts in history, and most Christians don’t interpret it that way because their minds have been bought with usurious shekels. Most of the real Left has been bought too, given that they deny that this is a Marxist sentiment I’m expressing. That’s one way to break the spell, realizing the “cathedral” memeplex has its foundations in “funny money”, that most people’s worldviews were cultivated via sinful means. And thus it’s no surprise that it’s a sinful belief-system.

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