Just when I was thinking about getting back into Syrian history I incidentally see this

they were engaged in usury. “No one can serve two masters … God and mammon,” Christ asserted.

Mammon is the ancient Syrian god of wealth. Usury has long been forbidden to Christians. For Muslims, it is still included in the seven deadly sins.

The social science courses I took when I was younger I found wanting. I’m going to post your favorite picture again

The direct opposite of primitives is what I wanted to learn about in Anthropology. I do study whites, and that’s kosher. Within the “whites” there is a certain group that I find the most interesting of all. So this subject never gets old to me. It’s only the beginning of our studies. If you want to opt out and study aboriginals instead, nothing’s stopping you, it just boggles my mind why you wouldn’t prefer to learn about more sophisticated tribes, and attempt to develop a scientificity in regard to them, and an accurate history.

We can kind of expect where this is going at this rate, right?

Syria was an important trading partner of Israel in ancient times. Damascus, the modern capital, was an oasis on the trade routes from Mesopotamia to Israel.

“Give it a rest, you just envy our chutzpah!!” – That is the standard interpretation, yes. There’s a more objective science to be formulated on euro-jew relations, and that’s only one side of the story. For the most part I disavow, at least personally, and however concede that yes, I’d like to have the control the Rothschilds have–who wouldn’t–though my idea of world-building differs drastically from theirs.

See what we mean here by “standard interpretation”?

What a fool, how wrong he was.

All that time in Muslim countries I think left an ineluctable effect on them. The way that they rule differs from the less authoritarian Anglos. Or, we’ll say, they have contrasting (though intersecting) ideas of the meaning of “liberty”. The stereotype we have of Islam, the strictness- once I escaped the memeplex here I began to notice something like that. Catholicism is known for being all-controlling, hence “cathedral” – perhaps Mosque would be even closer than that, and Synagogue the most precise. I must have a lot of pagan blood or something because I don’t like any of you. See, science is impossible because we bring our own subjectivity to it – it’s important to strive for self-awareness.

I hope we can all agree that “the rule” is to find material that saints them, and the exception is to find material that puts them into question. I’m trying to get a more balanced perspective about it. Maybe at the end of my studies I’ll have an epiphany that “the Synagogue was right all this time”.

Ultimately, the Codex was bought by the Jews from the Crusaders; in 1375 he was taken to Aleppo, one of the main centers for Torah study, and housed in the magnificent Great Synagogue of Aleppo.

This is just the surface of that time. What I want to know is the background, the details they might want to forget about. Mostly involving this idea of enslaving goyim in their sacred texts. Because I do feel that way today, though probably less so than the ones who “aren’t allowed” to say anything against it. I’m sure there were plenty of virtuous Rabbis in 1375, I just wonder about their miserly cousins, who really was in control?

The standard story of this is that’s a lie

The Kabbalist Crowley advocated using human blood as a sort of sacrament so I don’t dismiss it outright – similar with the pizzagate allegations. One Iranian I read claimed that they prefer the blood of Christian men who aren’t tainted by anti-semitism, damn I guess that rules me out. Just give me an essay gig for the New Yorker, it’ll be fine.

Ugh, this link is so slanted, time for a different one.

the worship of the ancient Jews to the “Golden Calf” in Sinai and “Mammon” from the expression of Jesus Christ about the impossibility of serving two masters at the same time is the same cult… Interestingly, the GOLDEN CALF was cast from gold jewelry taken (stolen) by the Jews by cunning from the Egyptians.

I’ve seen a couple Egyptian scholars try to approximate an estimate of what the Jews “owe” them for their supposed ~exodus~ and they calculate that in modern currency it runs to about one trillion dollars in gold that they stole. “Heh heh nah how bout we coup you again instead.”

“Mammon” is directly called by Jesus Christ one of the two masters of people. And people serving this master are opposed to people serving God. 

“Mammon” means “treasure” in Aramaic (ancient Syriac)… The ancient Jews knew the word “mammon”, but for them mammon was a kind of “transcendental” (inaccessible to sensory perception) beginning. A kind of “thing in itself”.

Mammon as the causa sui, the unmoved mover? YHWH has a shekel for a head? Is Mammon the true Zeus of their pantheon, cladistically? What would that mean for us who live under their control? Politics is really a war between divinities and their believers. I don’t worship Mammon, do you? It’s important, I just don’t see it as the Zeus. I don’t think society should be ordered by people who see it as the Zeus. Good luck bringing this up in an anthropology course.

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