This is what I think of as a “thriller”

What secrets are kept in the ancient land of Syria and Iraq? Is it only because of oil that we are going through endless wars, or are they, to some extent, an echo of the great war that began in biblical times and continues to this day …

From an article on Baal, an ur-Satan. Academic specialists, historians who can read ancient hebrew, aramaic, even sumerian, are the ones in the best place to opine on contemporary involvement in the Middle East, and yet, for “shrouded” reasons, they’re dead silent on the really intriguing features of the conflict. That one George Sassoon with the books on Kabbalah could speak both Hebrew and Aramaic. YHWH-as-ET, his theory, is probably related to Djinn, genies. Is/was Mammon a type of Djinn? Genie, genius, that’s a way we moderns can relate to it, the voice of logos when you’re tripping for instance, sometimes it takes an embodied form you might recall. Mammon is the genius of economics.

What was the dispute about in the old old days?

Are the different gods splinters of El/Kronos, the ur-deity? Yahweh is the Mammon side?

C. S. Lewis has an interesting reply to a reviewer of his space trilogy

That is one of the reasons I cannot share Professor Haldane’s exaltation at the banishment of Mammon from a sixth of our planet’s surface’. [Haldane was trumpeting his support for the Soviet Union.]  I have already lived in a world from which Mammon was banished: it was the most wicked and miserable I have yet known. If Mammon were the only devil, it would be another matter. But where Mammon vacates the throne, how if Moloch takes his place?

Now the russian plutocrats and chinese princelings are proud Mammonites after attempting to depose him?

Ha, this is what I was thinking – that the present-day US seems to involve both deities

We might see how Bushian Biden is

Moloch [is] incarnated as the American faith in the redemptive power of violence.

Trump is more of an exclusive Mammonite than Dubya. All the talk of jobs jobs jobs boosting the economy, and being wealthy himself, and obviously there’s nothing wrong with Mammon, it’s just a question of whether it’s a god beholden to a higher principle, or deity if we continue this way of speaking. Do we have that in the US? We might call that deity Equalitus. Though it is unclear to me which is in the service of which – I’ve certainly ranted enough that many progs are only progs because that’s what Capital demands. Then there’s the new demonized deity which I call rangordnung, which the Muslims somewhat agree with me on with their theocratic politics, transcendental religion, and uh oh I’m gonna say it, gender relations. Reactionaryism is the new “Moloch”. Anyway, just trying to relook at the world in a weird way. Will progs ever lose their faith in the sordid pantheon-pact between Mammon and Equalitus? Probably not, unless there’s some kind of ultimate depravity or cataclysm that shakes them out of it? Will I ever lose faith in Platonism, the genie of Socrates? Probably not, you might have to brainwash me at gitmo. I’m only here to demonstrate that the current deity of the left is able to be doubted. And with that awareness you can more objectively evaluate your beliefs.

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