Speaking of rigged, the main thing that’s rigged is the dialectic of discourse. It reveals the “absolutist relativism” of our culture. Let’s take my favorites for example. You think rap is good music, that there’s nothing corrupt about Jews, that the chatter of women tends to have quality that makes it worth listening to. You are simply not allowed to disagree. And there’s no dialectical back and forth, because the establishmentarians refuse to acknowledge the other side as a legitimate interpretation. This is why I call them not only relativists, I tell them that they’re living in a delusion. Rap is good, Jews are great people, women are constantly profound. You’re deluded. You think civilization is going to be good if you keep lying to yourselves about these things? Look around you, it’s not good, because you lie about this, and refuse to have a conversation. All these people will never change for the better either because of you. “Can we just get loftier please? I noticed your particular group is not lofty at all, you should work on that.” “Can you stop being cunning and actively trying to destroy society? I noticed Jews have a glaring habit of this, throughout history. Maybe you should stop and reflect?” None of that is allowed, regardless of how true it all is, and how helpful it probably would be if a dialectic were actually allowed. You wonder why the world is bad, it’s because of you.

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