Can anyone relate to this?

I truly hope something like this is going on in some of your minds. I’ve seen some people say that they keep their thoughtcrimes in Drafts. Some of you must have more than that? Do you keep a separate journal offline or something, of like 300 pages a year? If not I don’t know what’s going on with you. 300 pages is probably a pretty decent amount of thoughts you should have in our highly restrictive political regime that you keep on the side. You don’t want to lose them do you? You must have them. I’d like to see them.

The other interpretation of this is more unsettling. I like to think that certain “Straussians” (you don’t have to call yourself that, you know what I mean) read me and think Yeah I know all that stuff you’re talking about, and you’re stupid for saying it. I don’t expect that to be the case for the most part. I think that cancel-culture, banning, all that actually prevents those thoughts from arising in your mind at all, so no, I suspect whether you really do know about the stuff I talk about. Maybe I am stupid for saying it, maybe you’re right about that. The other part of the claim–which I have to speculate for you in your place since you’re not even able to do that in our environment–that you already know the things I say, that is something to be doubted, and I hope that you keep some kind of record of wrongthink, because it’s a waste if you don’t, especially some of the people who seem like braingeniuses out there who have to live in this political order, I really do hope you actively keep writings on the side. “I don’t need to, I agree with them about everything.” That’s dismal, and there are lots of people like that, I hope you don’t see that as good or ideal.

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