Here we go, newspaypa of R great friend Murdocai’s, interesting language here

Klein? I think I have a tag on that. You can be inclined to be financier and you can be inclined to be an enthusiast of ancient texts. What could the percentage be of the population that tags along with the ones who cause the subversion? Is it a form of stockholm or are they more or less the same, except they don’t directly participate? We have a verbal questionnaire to distinguish you so better prepare.

“We keep doing this in countries and moving to the next one, why?” – Do you want me to be your therapist now? Alright, if you’ll be a “good jew”. If your first reaction to reading that is, “I’ll never be!” then you should settle down, that’s part of the mental disturbance that I’m trying to help. You don’t live in that many countries and emerge as an ordinary people, you have your virtues and vices from that. The one suggestion I think of first, which you’ll never listen to because I’m a goy, is that you need to care less about the Jew-Hivemind. There are lots of messed up people in that, whether we’re talking about the ju-demos or ju-plutocrats. It’s a question of wondering what’s right outside of what they want you to think. I do this with whites, swedes and italians I’ve frequently accused of being progs and frauds, why can’t Jews do that? All the blame is shifted onto white people for them, which means, not-jew. No, it does seem that Jews are blameworthy about many a foul thing in history. Even today. People are fleeing New York because of you. And they’ll resettle in other cities, and eventually countries, to keep doing that, because Jews can never learn from their mistakes. You’re not perfect. I don’t care if you’re the leader of the NSA, your hubris shows, and you’re only setting your people up for 110. “That’s something we see as a good thing!” So you’re the chosen people to loot countries? “Yes, we deserve it, we were chosen.” Chosen for what? “To move from country to country without any morality.”

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