Alright, I will tell you my militarial perspective which 60 percent or so of the population wants

“You want to mess with me goy I’ll ban you off social media”

Is that the best you can do you murder-worthy kike? Ban people who ask you questions? You might be a stereotype after all.

“We control the news and da secret service and everything else”

And what do you think is Good?

Serious question. Do you have a definition of beauty to say to the world?

Does it involve pestilential-looking kikes who collected all the money through deceiving ways telling others what to do?

That’s what it looks like to me. Jews are good at finance and banking. When you talk to them about anything else they have nothing to say, try it yourself.

“What do you think about yahwhy vs. Allah vs. Immanuel Kant?

-shivering- I have no idea, I only manage money, I’m a banker who has thought about nothing in life or has nepotism let me be a person who anyone listens to I’m a Jew.

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