You could say that I have an interest in whether Zoomers, generation Z people, are happy in the future. I care about you people, because an older generation never cared about me. You can take my advice however you want “kiddo”, prior to 500 years is probably where you want to be reading. It isn’t only the boomers or millennials, this is a centuries-conflict. Someone alive in the 1900s is only the beginning. 1900 BC is another perspective. We will try to talk to you damn zoomers who can only play video games, what do you want to tell me zoomer? Are you a boomer to me? Prove I’m wrong. Give me a good video game to play for once and maybe I’ll tell you some book that might help you. Spend one hour reading Aquinas. Think about the MSM in any way during that and you never read Aquinas. I try to help you 20 somethings genuinely, Aquinas is one of the ones banned for centuries. “Who’s he?” Wouldn’t you like to know, 19 year old. You think you know what life is? “Yeah, I in fact DO” – so what is the meaning of truth? Could you apply that to the present order and those who carry out their plots on social media? “After reading Aquinas for a few days, I’m not sure anyone who posts on social media is.. a good person?” We’re trying to have a genuine chat with you zoomers, and this seems like what the bravest one would ask. That’s right, people on social media aren’t really worth considering. That’s Jack’s avatar, Juckerberg, you’re happy to align with their cause, right? Any person who hasn’t been banned for years might as well be the imbecile Zuckerberg, and they deny that constantly obviously, who would want to be seen as someone similar to Facebook ahahahhahahahahasahhahahhHAHA

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