Huffinglue Post article from yesterday – warming up to a new war yet?

Ah “Huffpost” rebranded in 2017 – I wonder why?? Can’t for the life of me imagine why. All of these noosepapers are so discredited and they keep on printing. Anyway, it’s a mindwarp for me to see green in Syria

You instantly think “sand” right?

“If you say ‘MSM’ one more time…” You mean the MSM that sophistically persuades people to accept genocide for the Old Testament? There are people who deserve genocide, and it’s not clear Syrians are the ones.

We all know of the Crusades of history. That’s what many Muslims see us as, Crusaders reborn. Do you feel like a crusader? Is that how you identify? I can’t say that I do. Middle Easterners don’t bother me much at all, so why would I want to go on a “Crusade”? If I’m going to go on a crusade it’s going to be against people living in my own country! Why won’t the maimscream media warm us up to that? Oh right, because they’d be the ones we’d be going on a crusade against.

Do you feel a strong religious fervor to bring Jesus Christ to the places on the right here?

How would you like it if “Harris” in 2027 launches the next Third Crusade? And then a coal black woman president launches the next Fourth Crusade in 2033?


Religious wars like the Crusades kind of seem absurd to us moderns, don’t they? Tell me how different goy zionists and “democracy” are from them.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s something about aesthetic that I like

I have to admit that I do feel like a “war type” of person, it’s just they get you to focus on the wrong enemy. Yeah I want chop some people’s heads off with a sword, and they’re not Syrians! They’re kind of half-dunecoon you might say, have any idea who I’m talking about? I’d love to be covered in their blood.

Their hypnotism is so powerful they’ve convinced most of the West to sublimate their instincts for war against other peoples. No, I want to kill you instead. Sledgehammer to the top of the head, using a hacked drone to bomb your entire vermin family at a Bar Mitzvah festival, you name it, I want to kill you, not Muslims. This is the “appropriate” sublimation of the war impulse. Can’t help that I’m like this, why do you think all the goys love shooting each other in video games? Because they were born for war. They have em shootin the wrong people. I’ve painted a nice target on your forehead, haven’t I, Jew?

This is what my kind of Crusade looks like

After all you’ve done, this is what you deserve

You dig your own grave.

You whites involved too, you think you’re getting away with it? @techlords

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