It’s no simple task to call for the restructuring of Abrahamic relations. Atheists say that the New Testament is pure mythology. Maybe that is so, however, it created a real people, the Christians. And I tend to like Christians, despite some of their excesses (of pity mainly)- all in all, I’d probably have to say that Christians and post-Christians are my favorite people in the world. I certainly prefer to live in societies where the New Testament was the core text for centuries than I would the 2 or 3 entire continents that illiterately believed in animism until recently. I hear talk of these so-called “Khazar milkers” and I’ve never seen anything like that, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Jew York City, Israel, these aren’t places I want to live, whatsoever, for multiple reasons. Do I want to live in Muslim countries either? No, they do seem to be right about NYC and Israel though, so they have that. And this is where we return to the idea of restructuring Abrahamic relations. I don’t even want to be affiliated with Abraham if I were to be honest with you, after learning about the true story of Exodus. Yandex, hailing from the heart of Orthodox Christianity, gave me an interesting link this morning

the Jews began to crawl into the upper strata of society and soon concentrated in their hands a great deal of political and economic power. The Bible says that the Jew Moses climbed directly into the approach of Pharaoh, i.e. the Jews began to exert tremendous influence on the pharaoh. Soon the ordinary Egyptian population was driven to starvation, and the Jews did not starve and possessed huge reserves of grain. Looking at all this, the Pharaoh decided to expel the Jews in order to protect his people from their oppression. These events took place 1000 years BC and we already see that the Jews behaved differently from other nations: despite their small number, they did not assimilate, but carried out systematic work to seize power and increase their well-being at the expense of the entire nation, within which they settled. As a result, they were expelled.

Where have we heard this before?

Trump’s heart is in the right place, this is just what goys have to do, that’s the meaning of ZOG. And “Uncle Bibi” still stabbed him in the back recently.

The zoglings went through that impeachment phase, remember that? Or the Russian piss tape, remember that? This is surface stageplay and tabloid quality. I am talking about impeaching the real ones in control, and detailing precisely why, and what they have done throughout history centuries before the US even existed.

While I hate to sound like a priest, I think it’s time to reflect on the meaning of the New Testament. It created a people that fractured from those who centered their lives on the Old Testament. Same goes with the Muslims, and they make all sorts of, from what I can tell, accurate claims about the Old Testamentists. There’s a reason we stopped believing in it, and there’s a related reason why people from all over the world seek to move to our countries, and why certain other people have repeatedly been kicked out of them. It’s a morally primitive set of books that created a morally primitive set of people. Post-/Christians don’t like to hear that. Are you a “good person” for letting a morally primitive people reshape your countries in their image?

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